Foundation, foundation, foundation

There’s almost too much to say about foundation!

For both of our sakes, I direct you to the source I find most helpful is Lisa Eldridge (she’s the one on the very left), a professional makeup artist from Great Britain known for her A-list clients and most of all, natural talent with beauty and skincare.


She recently created a foundation series on her YouTube channel, which is super helpful and most importantly, easy to follow.  

I’ll start you with her video “How to Shop for the Right Foundation.”  Watch it, then read on. 🙂






The Catholic-Christian Connection

The Lord bless you and keep you!

The Lord let his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you!

The Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace!

Numbers 6:24-26


Yes, I want God to shine His blessed and beautiful face on me!  Yes, I want His everlasting peace!  Yes, I want His blessing!

Best part about this kind of Divine Sunshine (my term)?  No sunscreen is needed!  Just come to Him with open arms–no filter and no worries (for example, about illnesses, in particular, skin cancer…).

Remember, with the Lord, earthly rules have no chance.  Contradictions ensue (such as needing sunscreen for the sun, but not for the Son…ba-dum-choo!), and these aporia (“knots”) are what make God so great, so intimate, and so loving.



Besides sunscreen, eyes are the second most overlooked aspects of skincare.


They are the neglected parts of the face and body that actually need the most care.  Why?  The skin around the eyes is the most delicate part of the body, so damage and aging are most evident and receptive in the eye area.

Attention: if you are in your 20s, you should start applying and wearing quality eye cream now as a preventative measure.  As with sunscreen, my philosophy (and I use this term loosely/non-academically) is that when you start taking care of your skin now for prevention, you have a better chance of winning the battle against aging and skin problems later on when you’re essentially fighting to win.  You can also save money by acting now with good sunscreen and eye creams, because if you take care of these inevitable skin issues now, you won’t have to buy the super concentrated and consequently very expensive skin products that people need use to really reverse damage.  See??  It just makes sense!

Reference the webpage of  one of the original beauty bloggers, Michelle Phan, on eye creams.  She totally supports my “philosophy” and offers some good info and product recommendations on eye creams.

Personally, because I was so impressed with the Yes to Cucumbers facial cleaser, I gained trust in the Yes To brand and I have been using the Yes to Blueberries eye cream (technically, “eye firming treatment”) for 1 and a half years now…every night.  No complaints yet!


Supplemental Items for Good Skin

The Beauty of Color by Iman…

Iman is the first colored supermodel (disputable fact, but I believe it), businesswoman, mother…oh, and wife of David Bowie.  And her book is a superb resource for all people.  Given its title, of course there are parts directed towards those with skin of color (which is what makes it an even richer skin and beauty resource).  Nevertheless, the information in this book is understandable, engaging, and most importantly, helpful and true.

In addition to my skincare regimen influenced by, there are 2 other items that I want to tell you about:

  • Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser – A nighttime/après le jour must.  It takes off the layers of makeup or even just sunscreen that I wear every day so that my facial cleanser can really penetrate my skin and not have to first work through  the other stuff to do its job.  Best part?  Only a pea size amount is needed for each use because it is so concentrate! Say “hello” to good value!
  • Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – I use this for many things.  Best way to describe it: gentle yet super effective.  Not just for babies!
    1. Taking off eye makeup (after the actual the eye makeup remover).
    2. Cleaning makeup brushes
    3. Washing hands after applying makeup so that the makeup actually comes off my hands and I have clean hands!

My Skincare Regimen

“Blah, blah, blah…so what do you use on your skin, BeautifulTemple?”

So let me give you what I use on my own skin that  parallels the skincare regimen.

P.S. I have oily-combination skin.  See my post on determining skin type.

Gentle Cleanser:

Adhering to’s no sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate rule, for my facial cleanser, I currently use Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.  It’s superb.  Truly a “natural” product–ingredients, scent, event the color of the cleanser.  It’s perfect for all skin types, too.


It is expensive, though, so another awesome, less expensive product that I’ll probably return to after I finish Fresh’s is Yes to Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser.  Perfect for my oily skin, too!  Just so that I don’t break my wallet too often…


During the spring and summer, I don’t use a moisturizer, only BB cream.  My favorite is the Boscia BB cream (with SPF 27), which has one shade that is a one-for-all.

During the fall and winter, I use the Clinique Dramatically Differently Moisturizing Gel (for oily combo skin), a cult favorite.



Hands down, Neutrogena.  The only sunscreen I use for my face (and body).

It blocks UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) with its Helioplex technology.

I reaaallly like the their Clear Face liquid sunscreen; I use the SPF 55…every day when I’m not wearing the BB cream.  Great for break-out prone and/or oily skin.


Oooh…Skin Type


Many people, even experts, say that knowing your skin type is the key to good skin.  Though I do agree it is key to good skin, I don’t think it’s the superlative.  What’s most important is really what’s found on–that is, the ingredients you put on your face to begin with.  Then, I believe, from there you can determine your skin type to further tailor your regimen.  But, really, if you follow the basics (such as, no sodium laureth sulfate in your skincare), you can’t go wrong, no matter the skin type.  Most cases.

Back to skin type…the best advice I can give you is how to find out your own.  I learned the following trick through some kind of media (a YouTube video, magazine…I dunno), and it helped me personally.  You need to do this in the morning right after you wake up.  So here’s what you do:

  1. Get a 2-ply facial tissue (again, most basic kind–no extra lotion or moisturizing agents) and separate the 2, well, plies.
  2. Splash your face with water (with clean hands!!!!).
  3. Pat dry–very lightly–with a clean face towel.
  4. Let the rest of the water evaporate off your skin. *Remember how your skin feels in between this step and the next.*
  5. Once you feel your skin tightening, take the 1 ply tissue and let it lay on your skin to absorb (or not absorb) any oil.

This 1-ply tissue paper is now your “skin outline.”  You can see where you are oily and where you are dry.  Now reference either this webpage or this video (the doctor is one who says skin type is “the most important,” but that’s beyond the point…) to determine your skin type!


My Rules for Good Skin

Here are my vital rules to attain a good canvas (personal testimony implied):

  1. A skincare regimen must be a habit!  Again, simplicity is key.  Pardon the frank comparison, but to get that flawless skin, you need to follow a working skincare regimen religiously.
  2. Use sunscreen.  All year round.  Every day.  More than SPF 15.  UVA and UVB protection.
    • Click here for a great webpage to sunscreen–legit information, recommendations, etc..   Since it’s from the Skin Cancer Foundation’s website, I encourage you to browse!      (Source:
  3. Only touch your face with CLEAN hands.  Like, straight from the water-soap-whatever drying agent kind of clean.  And even, then, really only touch your face when needed (when washing it, applying make-up).
  4. Have a designated towel for your only your face.  It’s called a face towel for a reason, People!  And change it and your pillow case(s) every 7 days.(Source:
  5. Clean yo makeup brushes at least once a month.  Never share them.